The mission of the CIAO KIDS Foundation is to improve the living conditions of Adivasis families and to defend their rights to help them lead a dignified and independent life. To this end, the Foundation is active on 2 main axes:


1 / education and training for children and young people: we work in favor of Adivasis children and young people enabling them to have access to education through different projects:

  • a center for 60 visually impaired children which aims to train and supervise them in order to make them independent
  • a fostership home allowing a hundred young people aged 8 to 20 to have easier access to public school and offering them educational support
  • pre-primary schools which provide basic knowledge to young children aged 3 to 6 so that they can then integrate the primary Indian public school system
  • professional training center in tailoring or office skills for young adults who do not wish or are not able to pursue university studies
  • School supplies offered to schoolchildren to give them the opportunity to study in better conditions


2/ empowering women: in order to empower women and enable economic and social change that benefits their families and the whole community, we offer them:

  • self-help groups to teach them how to save and set up income-generating activities to make them financially independent
  • awareness programs on social problems such as health, poverty, education, human trafficking or alcoholism to do some prevention and increase their awareness


Since its beginning, the CIAO KIDS Foundation has aimed to help the Adivasi population to build a better future. More than 5,440 children had access to the education system thanks to adequate support for their specific needs and nearly 9,150 women were trained and supported in order to become independent, which also indirectly benefits their families.