Instagram lives:

Alexandra, project manager at the CIAO KIDS Foundation, discusses the situation in India with Sophie de Quay: to the video (May 2021)

Philippe de Preux, our president, presents the CIAO KIDS Foundation with Sophie de Quay & the WaveGuards: to the video (June 2020)

Philippe de Preux and Sophie de Quay tell us about the CIAO KIDS Foundation’s projects: (may 2019)

In the press:

“Elle quitte le marketing de luxe pour aider les enfants en Inde“: interview of Alexandra Mauris, project manager in La Côte

“Philantropie: 13 acteurs d’influence”: interview of Philippe de Preux in Market (juillet 2017)

On the radio:

Philippe de Preux on RNV Radio, at the microphone of Yago Golaz (7th May 2021): to the podcast

Philippe de Preux in Namasté on COULEUR 3 (27th October 2014)

Travel of our project manager and her family – 2018

Presentation of the CIAO KIDS Foundation – 2016

Report on the CIAO KIDS Foundation – 2014

An Indian tale