In India visually impaired children are often seen as a burden by their families; they are neglected or used by their parents to beg. These children have no access to education because very few schools take care of them.

In Jharkhand we support a center for 60 visually impaired children. The fostership home is managed by nurses and specialized educators. Children are fully cared for there.

Visually impaired children receive adequate educational follow-up, they are trained in writing and reading in braille and have very complete specialized equipment. They must also acquire all the skills like orientation and mobility in all situations and all places, recognition of objects, storage, etc. Extracurricular activities such as music and dance also play an important role, the children are all very talented and quickly learn to play instruments. They play sports every day and play cricket, football or volleyball. All these children also benefit from regular medical follow-up and are made aware of hygiene issues.

Our objective is to make these children independent, confident and happy! We want to make them responsible citizens, able to interact with the world, able to work and make a contribution to society.