News of the CIAO KIDS Foundation

Comme vous le savez sûrement, l’Inde a été mise en confinement total, de manière précipitée et sans organisation jusqu’au 3 mai au moins, ce qui a des conséquences dramatiques pour la population. Du jour au lendemain tous les transports se sont arrêtés, piégeant ainsi toutes les familles qui étaient parties travailler à des centaines de…


Ambassadors of the CIAO KIDS Foundation

This is the story of a meeting with Sophie, a young lady passionate about Asia, and with Simon & Tim. Moved by our cause, they decided to come with us to meet the Adivasis children and women we support in order to better understand our projects. They sang for them, played with them, shared with…


Anil’s success story

Following the death of his father, Anil had to leave school at the end of the 10th year and worked for 3 years as a daily farm worker. Supported by his mother, he was selected to participate in our scholarship system and was able to join our fostership home to continue his studies. At the…