Your donations are entirely devoted to the accomplishment of our mission in India. Administrative costs in Switzerland (rent, secretarial, communication, fundraising) are covered by sponsors. And you will receive a certificate allowing your donation to be tax deductible.

Here is how to support the CIAO KIDS Foundation and take concrete action:

Offer an educational kit

For CHF 15 you allow a child to study in good conditions by offering him a school kit, which includes all the material he needs as well as the annual school registration fees.

Finance the education of a child in pre-primary school

For CHF 150 you allow a child to go to a pre-primary school in his village for a year. This amount covers the expenses for a daily hot meal, 2 new uniforms, a full-time teacher, educational materials, games, hygiene products as well as regular health checks.

Sponsor a child in a fostership home

For CHF 400 you sponsor a child and thus ensure full annual support in one of our fostership homes in Hunsur. This amount covers all expenses for food, extra-curricular activities, school materials and school registration fees.

Sponsor a visually impaired child

For 600 per year you allow a visually impaired child to be fully taken care of in the center of Chanho (Jharkhand) and supervised by teachers and specialized educators. This amount covers all his expenses in educational material, food, drugs and hygiene products.