Through the sponsorship of a child, you can provide a durable and efficient assistance.

For CHF 400.- per year, which is less than CHF 35.- per month, you can ensure the complete annual educational care for a child.

Thanks to you, he/she will be able:
– To be taken care of in our fostership home in Hunsur (food and lodging, homework support and extra-curricular activities)
– To receive all the school equipment needed (uniforms, school bags, pensil cases, etc.)
– To receive snacks and hot meal daily
– To have access to primary school
– To continue secondary/superior schools
– To be supported during an apprenticeship
– To benefit form a scholarship for their further studies

As a sponsor, you will receive an individual document regarding your Godson/Goddaughter, with his/her photograph and some information about his/her life, his/her family and his/her education. This will allow you to make his/her acquaintance and you can thus, if you wish, send him postcards or emails through our office in Lausanne.


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